Summer Learning Journey

Hi I’m Alfie and I went to my Nanny’s house to do a science experiment called Anti gravity

if you want to try this experiment listen carefully and follow my steps!

1st Take a glass and fill it up with water

2nd Get a card and cut it into a square and make sure it fits over the top of the glass

3rd then use your hand pressure and push and hold it hard so it sticks on

4th then go to the sink and flip it over gently

5th Final step take your hand off the card

and now the card should still be stuck to the glass and the water shouldn’t  escape.and that people is called air pressure

air pressure is pushing the card up whilst it is the water is being pushed down by gravity .the water and the card stay in the same place which means… the air pressure and gravity are equal

I hope I taught you something today have a great day!

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