My Visual Mihi

Kia ora my names Alfie and we have been learning how to a make visual Mihi in Cybersmart this term.

A visual Mihi Is like all about me with your favourite Things and this one is mine.


I made this on google slides.

This also lets people know more about you and know what you like to do!

I really hope you enjoyed looking at this and would you make something like this.



All About Me

Gday My name is alfie

I Love To Play cricket rugby and soccer with my friends

The Beach is my favourite Place to go

I love  the food sushi  and I love the animal Dingo

and my Favourite colour is pink

summer learning journey seaside story

Hello everybody Alfie here. Today I want to share with you my Summer Learning Journey activity on creating a seaside story.  I used google slides to create an animation to go along with my story. I got inspired by this recent trip me and my family had to Wainui. I really enjoyed my trip to Wainui, my Dad brang along our Jetski which I had a ride on and we saw Dolphins and Blue Penguins! My story is about a cow who goes on an adventure on his Jetski, suddenly he falls off and gets stranded in the middle of the ocean! Luckily he gets saved by Dolphins who help him back to shore and become his new friends :).

My Story –

The Sun shone over Wainui Beach as the calm trees waved in the soft breeze.


Woosh! The Jetski sped through the crystal blue sea. “Ahhh!” yelled the black and white blur standing on top of it. It Was a Cow? 


Suddenly a humongous wave CRASHED into the Cow making him topple of the jetski into the depths of the sea. Cow opened his eyes to see himself surrounded by water, dark shadowy figures approaching him.


The Cow suddenly realized that they weren’t just dark shadowy figures, they were Hungry killer whales hungry for Cow!  


Cow swam up to where he could breathe and saw his jetski Moving out of sight. “Help help”  cow yelled tears ran down his face. He was gonna be those orcas’ next snack…


Just when the Cow thought hope was all gone 3 dolphins jumped in the way and saved the cow . “Get on our back”  the dolphins said “Quickly There’s not much time”!  


Cow was Rushed back to shore by the dolphins  and became best friends with them. “Thanks for saving me,” cow said  “No problem,”   the dolphins replied.

“We have to go”  “Bye” they said! “BYE”   cow said!


Summer learning journey creature crafting

Hi Alfie here!  Today I did another summer learning journey task called creature! creation!  This task was about creating your own creature hybrid.  I picked 3 creatures to create my hybrid, the first animal I picked was an emperor penguin, the second one i picked was a seal and the last animal I picked was an Orca. Then I drew the picture  which was easy because i could imagine what it looked like. but then I just needed the name after 10 minutes of thinking of a name the name Emperorsorca  came to here’s the results

Emperorsorca is an ocean predator with the body of a seal, the beak and yellow crown of an emperor penguin and the sharp teeth, blowhole and fin of an Orca whale.

Its found in the cold icy waters of southern New Zealand in underwater  caves and feeds on crabs, fish, carcass, shrimp, seabirds, and starfish. There is only 7 left in the world making it very highly endangered.



All about me

konnichiwa watashi wa arfui This means hi im alfie


Watashi no okiniiri no gēmu wa robloxdesu 
that means my fav game is roblox
ije hangug-eolo that means now onto korean          

naega joh-ahaneun nolaeneun bts boy with luv that means my fav song is bts boy with 


naega jeil joh-ahaneun gonglyong-eun pailolaebteo that means my fav dino is 


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